Best ERP MAC software: A Powerful Tool for Good Performance

What is ERP software: As the name suggests it is a suitable solution for any type of organization and company. Such as small, mid-size, and large-scale businesses can make use of ERP solutions. ERP is a type of software that is used in the organization to manage the day to day activities like accounting, project management, etc. Erp can also be said as enterprise resource planning where it supports small and large scale businesses in their business operations. The history of ERP is traceable back to the late 1960s when IBM deployed an integrated business system named CICS (Customer Information Control System) for managing its multiple locations. ERP software is a very useful & powerful tool for maintaining the good performance of a company. In this, you can track all the activities done by different sub-groups, managing projects, and accounting.

  1. AlignBooks: AlignBooks is India’s No. 1 Cloud-based ERP Software. It is a one-stop solution for all your business needs. It’s an online solution to manage accounting, billing, inventory, finance, etc, and automates the business process from order management to payroll. Manage your business effectively with AlignBooks- India’s No. 1 cloud-based ERP software. You can manage your entire business from a single dashboard & get real-time reports. AlignBooks has been specifically designed keeping in mind the need of a growing business and helps you focus on your core business by automating all the accounting, billing, inventory, and finance-related processes.
  2. QuickBooks desktop enterprise: QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise is the end-to-end accounting software that is very useful to grow your business. Now, we like to show customers how the features change their lives because it helps make the process of learning much easier. This account management software helps manage your accounts and invoices. It is available at a cost-effective price point. It comes with the most options for mobile and desktop, SaaS-based deployment and support are also available. QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise is straightforward for people who aren’t accountants or number-crunchers.
  3. ERPNext: ERPNext is an open-source ERP tool designed to help businesses across multiple verticals including manufacturing, distribution, retail, education, healthcare, agriculture, and non-profit sectors. ERPNext features include warehouse management system/inventory management system, point of sale (POS), accounting software, invoice system, customer relationship management (CRM) – sales force automation (SFA)/business intelligence (BI) solution for sales organizations, etc., project accounting – expenditure and receipt management module for project organizations, etc. It’s written in Python and offers cloud, saas, desktop, MAC and Linux desktop, iPad, and web-based deployment options.  Some of the features of this extensible and customizable platform include multi-language support, complex analytics, inventory management, project management, and many more. ERPNext provides a familiar user experience similar to popular commercial ERP systems while its modular structure and scalability allow you to start simple and then develop as your business grows. Experience a solution truly built for your business, by understanding it and its needs first.
  4. OleaERP: It’s one of the most powerful and comprehensive business tools on the market today. But…it also has a reputation as an expensive, complicated software package designed mostly for large or established businesses. OleaERP makes managing your business super-easy…With the cloud, SaaS, ERP MAC, Linux desktop and web-based deployment, it has everything you need – right out-of-the-box – to manage all your important data and processes in one place. And with our solution, your transition to ERP is risk-free! It has a MySQL database back-end, along with an HTML5-based user interface. The software has been developed in-house by us and thus provides a great deal of flexibility that many others do not have.
  5. ePROMIS ERP: ePROMIS ERP is an open-source ERP system designed to help businesses streamline their operations through cloud, desktop, and mobile deployment. There is a free version available. It offers e-commerce, accounting, project management, and more – all in one space. ePROMIS ERP includes accounting, manufacturing, purchasing, and logistics modules making it apt for small and large businesses. ePROMIS is an open-source ERP tool meant to help your business no matter what business model you are following. It has an interface that is accessible from different devices and can be used in non-profit organizations, charitable foundations, small businesses, or companies of all sizes. It is both hosted and available for deployment on-premise. It includes a fully integrated accounting module, an inventory management module, e-commerce support, and workforce management capabilities all in a single installation. It also has reporting capabilities, which can be used to create financial statements or to develop dashboards.

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