PBN-Hosting Be a Part of Large CDN Websites 

A Private Blog Network (PBN) is a web hosting that makes use of a group of websites to enhance SEO and influence the authority of a central website. By ensuring the domains are not interconnected, you can increase your Google ranking and connect to your money site. To comprehend how a PBN functions, you must have basic knowledge of hyperlinks and authority and their importance. A backlink or hyperlink connects one website page to another web page. Web with a higher number of backlinks is likely in the higher organic search engine position. Backlink acts as a vote from other websites. More votes imply the content is important, reliable, and functional, and search engines acknowledge it.

Alternative strategy 

PBN Hosting increases your website’s organic traffic. In 2106 Google affirmed backlink is one of the three important ranking parameters, including content and RankBrain. Creating backlinks is a crucial SEO marketing strategy that increases digital footfall and organic visibility. But earning votes is not easy especially staying within the framework prescribed by Google Webmaster Guidelines. Some SEOs pursues alternative strategy not adhering to the guidelines, including PBNs.

Assortment of network

A PBN is an assortment of a network of websites that incorporates a high number of links to another webpage designed to influence search engine ranking. SEOs that tend to use PBN for link building use this strategy to establish full control of their link-building endeavor. Other types of link-building approaches are digital PR, resource, or broken link building, where the third party editorially places links and SEOs cannot identify and control those links. On this basis, PBNs often use expired domains. These domains used to have a webpage that earned links and a degree of authority from the standpoint of search engines. These expired domains are part of a PBN with new content to surpass PageRank. 

Content Delivery Network

But good hosting does not push customers to the same IP address. A unique IP address apparently appears unique to you, but a reverse DNS tool reveals you are sharing the IP with hundreds of other PBN domains. A spectrum of premier Content Delivery networks (CDN) hides the true IP addresses keeping your website unidentified in the cloud. The IP address of the server is veiled when you host from CDN. In this system, a dynamic IP address is randomly chosen from a pool of half a million IP addresses. A fixed IP address is never used.

An integral part 

The IP address has become an integral part of over three million websites using the mammoth CDN system. The possibility of identifying the site using hosting location or IP becomes negligible. Since you become a part of large legitimate websites willing to pay money for fast hosting, you are not an element of the rotten apples of old-styled PBN or SEO hosting entities. The CDNs are premeditated for speed, and the webpage load in a fraction of a second. Though PBN is a part of your website, the intention is to make it appear independent. Instead of earning links, a PBN-Hosting could place a link with precise anchor text, which could be inserted in a webpage that needs boosting. 

By Brian Cruz
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