Strategies to Personalize Android Device

Within the smartphone market, Android had been the most famous OS on the planet exceeding a 84% business. It’s been growing continuously since its launch in non-smartphone markets too. Additionally towards the electronics market, Android is gaining wide acceptance in other segments including medical, automotive, industrial and defense sectors. It’s believed that Android Auto will most likely be around in additional than 31 million cars by 2020. Cheaper and efficient multi-core processors and periodic cost remembrances are fueling its growth with continuous innovation from Google.

This site introduces readers with a handful of in the possible mechanisms open to personalize the Android Operating-system. Exact this is the way to change the AOSP to attain they are covered in lots of blogs. Kindly understand that this site is fantastic for BSP developers and engineers dealing with the AOSP to optimize their Android system. For recommendations on personalize your COTS Android phone or tablet, this isn’t the location and Google is the best guide.

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AOSP Features

Android might be acquired as open-source offering, though tightly controlled by Google. Referred to as AOSP – Android Free Project, it’s created for everybody to make use of in their device. Known as Stock Android interface, they are available in complete interface wonderful necessary features like desltop, Phone calling Application, settings, browsers. Once put into something, google’s Play Store application can also be available there by providing user usage of numerous apps within the store.

Aside from number of closed source binaries supplied by plastic vendors such as the graphics acceleration, video decoding libraries, etc, required to allow Android round the custom device, other components obtain source code open-sourced. Which provides lots of choices to alter them and supply within the customized way.

Dependence on personalization

The AOSP interface was created mostly for almost any consumer camera application typically an excellent phone or maybe a tablet obtaining a desltop able to support widgets and shortcuts. There’s in addition a standing bar within the top where notification icons can be found coupled with pull lower option. An action bar is presented for the finish if configured so. But this kind of interface may not be appropriate for some other sort of applications.

For instance, when the method is used in a Auto-infotainment system, we predict a house screen which consolidates the status within the vehicle with limited but bigger icons. It should be understandable with limited attention span and provide seamless integration while using the physical buttons present in all directions. Similarly for almost any PoS terminal type of use situation, there’s no expectation in the desltop but instead just one application that could present different specifics of the inventory, billing kiosks etc. There’s no dependence on the status bar or possibly the experience bar as user must be presented bigger buttons for faster access. So all kinds of application needs the Android to obtain presented in some type of customized ways.

Further OEMs choose a Buyer experience consistent with their product branding. It may be the colour styles, iconography, fonts used, typography etc. It requires significant personalization to accomplish this.

Kinds of personalization

You will find multiple ways the Stock Android Image may be customized. Within the UI aspects for that internal services and SDK, Google provide choices to modify every single part of the Android. Although a lot of are easy, some needs some tweaking to own necessary functionality.

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Most of them are

Boot Animation

Status Bar

Action Bar

Application Packages



New Releases

Within the following section, we undergo these individually.

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