Learn More About The Need for Identity Certainty in Travel in a Post-COVID World

The pandemic has disrupted the normal course of people’s daily life. Physical interaction was restricted, and mobilization of economic activities was affected. But as the economy had to continue operating to sustain the population, everyone was driven to strategize solutions to push activities forward. In turn, consumers, industries, and governments turned to technology to restructure everyday activities.

The tourism sector, for example, utilized the digital platform to promote staycation and remain competitive amidst travel restrictions. Information dissemination was strengthened to give people destination options and awareness of what must be done to ensure safe travels. Service providers also tapped into the resources and capabilities of related sectors to overcome limitations in the delivery of quality accommodations.

But now that the world is finally starting to heal, with the successful progress of vaccination efforts, people’s “new normal” will again be disrupted. When mobility is once again at its full capacity, how much of the pandemic transformations will the people carry forward in the post-COVID world?

It is unlikely that the world will ever return to the pre-pandemic normal. Now that the tourism sector has found ways to make going on vacation more efficient for travelers, they are more likely to grow from their pandemic strategies instead. And with this direction comes new matters they need to address.

In particular, identity verification will be a more significant concern in the post-COVID world. As some of the remote capabilities will survive through the post-pandemic world, concerns regarding remote identity verification will grow even more serious. Entrepreneurs will need to implement fool-proof authentication procedures to protect the business and its customers from cybercriminals and fraudsters.

Learn more about travel and the need for identity proofing in the post-COVID world with this infographic from authID.

The Need for Identity Certainty in Travel in a Post-COVID World


By Brian Cruz
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