Signs Your Business Website Needs Redesigning

A business website is a façade on the digital landscape, so it has to be impressive as the physical office. It is the first point of connection with potential customers, so it has to be impressive. The visitors land on your website to learn more about your products or services. If they find a solution to their problems on your website then they move forward to buy.

So, you need a business website that is appealing, functional, and has a solid online presence. If you are wondering whether your website needs a redesign then here are some signs that it does. Lions Share Digital is an Austin website development firm that can overhaul your existing website. It will help to stay on of the latest best practices and avoid sudden glitches or inevitable poor performance associated with the outdated site layout.

Signs your business website needs a redesign

Lacks mobile-friendliness

Static websites are the style of the past. They are not mobile-friendly. In this smartphone, age websites are accessed via mobiles. You will need a switch to a responsive site because this is a layout that is designed for mobile phones.

Google ranks mobile-friendly sites high, so this gives mobile-friendly sites an advantage in ranking. Responsive sites automatically change the layout based on screen size, which ensures that the text is readable without the need for zooming or horizontal scrolling.

High bounce rate

Bounce rate is a metric that defines website performance. An average bounce rate is around 40% to 55% and if it is above means something is wrong. It indicates that the users are experiencing technical errors or finding it hard to navigate or features are poor quality or content is not SEO optimized. A high bounce rate means visitors landing on your site click back or leave.

Slow load speed

Consumers need instant gratification, which means your site’s loading speed has to be instantaneous. It is studied that 53% of traffic leaves if a site takes more than 3 seconds to load. And with every additional second in load time, the website interaction rate drops by 5%. Website loading speed is an algorithm that Google considers in ranking because this is associated with user experience.

Has broken links

Dead or broken links are damaging to the overall user experience. When a user is on your website and clicks on a link only to find that they are met with 404 error pages then it frustrates them. Broken links can cause an increase in bounce rate as well as badly affect your SEO efforts.

Does not complement your brand

From logo to font every aspect used on the website has to properly represent your business mission and brand. As technology evolves the interaction between business and customers changes, so it is essential to evaluate your website frequently to ensure that it correctly represents your brand.

Contains obsolete content

Website overhaul and content upgrade go hand in hand. Obsolete content is unable to engage and retain visitors. Businesses that regularly post content attract more traffic. So, take time to refresh website content every month to enhance ranking on search engines and keep visitors coming for new content.

By Erick Hunt
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