Tenet Review

Have you seen Tenet? Famous director, famous actor, big production of science fiction blockbuster, if you have not seen this movie, now you can watch free Tenet. Here, let me sort out the plot of the movie.

First of all, the protagonist (played by John David Washington) is a CIA agent, in a theater mission, the mission failed to arrest them, wanted to take poison to kill himself, woke up to find that was saved and was recruited into an organization called Tenet (Creed), the organization’s mission is to stop the future war. Here, the protagonist sees the strange phenomenon of time reversal. With this information, he works with Neil (played by Robert Pattinson) on how to stop a future war that has not yet occurred.

In the process, they discover the villain Sator, and to understand Sator’s plans, they find a way to get close to Sator’s wife Kat (played by Elizabeth Debicki). To obtain the Algorithm, Sator devises a temporal pincer movement and succeeds in getting the various parts of the Algorithm and goes back in time, planning to destroy the whole world at his happiest moment. Because he is suffering from a terminal illness, he is dying, and he feels that since he can no longer live, the world has no meaning to exist.

And in this temporal pincer movement, Kat is injured, and the only way to cure her is to go back in time because this particular bullet has radiation, and the radiation will not be dissipated outward when it is in reverse time, to cure her. So, the protagonist and Neil also began to go back in time, and in the process of going back, they discovered that some mysterious agents with masks that they had encountered before were themselves, coming back from the future to meet them. Eventually, they found out about Sator’s plan, and before Sator detonated the Algorithm, they designed another time clamp operation and successfully stopped it all from happening!

The story is super informative before the end. First of all, it starts with the locked iron door.

On one side of the door is The Protagonist, on the other side is a masked corpse and a soldier who is about to detonate the Algorithm. The soldier turns around and intends to shoot The Protagonist, but the corpse on the ground suddenly comes back to life, blocking the shot and opening the locked door, allowing The Protagonist to get the Algorithm. Here is a close-up of a red charm on the corpse’s backpack.

The whole story is about the future of The Protagonist designed a temporal pincer movement, he established a Tenet (Creed) in the future, recruited his past self, and sent Neil from the future to assist his past self to ensure that the whole plan is foolproof. Everything has already happened and nothing will change. The plan to destroy the Earth as if it never happened, a bomb that never detonated, just never existed, no one knows, no one cares.

The end is still somewhat emotional, Neil is headed for a fated death, while The Protagonist can do nothing because everything has happened, is impossible to change.

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