Pricing and reviews of KWFinder

What is KWFinder?

KWFinder is an intuitive keyword search tool developed by Mangools. With a focus on simplicity and the ability to find and rank long tail keywords that are easy to rank, it is a popular alternative to other options on the market, such as Moz and LongTail Pro.

KWFinder is Mangools’ flagship product, but the company has expanded its suite of SEO tools to include SERPWatcher (rank tracker), SERPChecker (Google competitor’s analyzer), LinkMiner (backlink analyzer), and SiteProfiler (website analyzer).

Do you also need the latest keyword research tools?

In short, that’s right!

A good keyword search tool is essential for SEO. Even novice bloggers understand this. This need only increased when Google Keyword Planner hid the exact search volume for keywords and made accurate metrics available only to active AdWords users. Also, the Keyword Planner’s “Keyword Competition” is for advertisers only, not for SEO publishers like us.

Good keyword research tools provide good keywords. It also provides a keyword difficulty feature to help you find conflicts for the keywords you are searching for. You may already know that proper keyword research drives good organic traffic to your website. If your keywords are competitive, no matter what type of SEO you do, your search rankings won’t work, and you’ll waste money and time. For online businesses that rely on SEO, good keyword research tools that help identify keyword conflicts are critical.

 How to use KWFinder?

It will just take 30 seconds to sign up. The free plan limits the number of keyword searches to 5 per 24-hour window (and 50 suggestions per search).

Who is KWFinder for?

SEO difficulty wrote by the KD compilation index.. This allows you to rank keywords based on current and past search volume, estimated cost-per-click (paid search), and settled search difficulty reported by the PPC index.

This tool works well for large numbers of keywords and large markets, but your data will be unreliable if you are looking for specific niche keywords or operating in a small market. It’s not the KWFinder’s fault. It’s just the data source. The size makes it unreliable in itself.

This tool isn’t far beyond the capabilities of the free Google Keyword Planner, so it should be of limited interest to paid search marketers. However, it’s an excellent tool for SEO that requires repeated keyword research.

Weaknesses of KWFinder

KWFinder is one of the best and robust keyword research tool with many advantages. However, there were some concerns when using KWFinder regularly.

Search result limits

The biggest drawback is that it has limitations on either the search or the search results. KWFinder limits the number of displayed search results for a particular seed keyword. The basic plan has a limit of 200 candidates per search, but the most expensive paid plan has a limit of 700. Also, you can only perform 100 searches per 24 hours.

This is far more generous than the Long Tail Pro’s 800 total daily keyword limit, but it significantly limits your ability to rank keywords properly.

In particular, the restrictions become frustrating because one can get more seed keyword options using other free tools like Ubersuggest. Ahrefs and SEM Rush provide 10,000 keyword results per search to get the big picture.

Competitive keyword search

Competitive keyword research finds keywords that your competitors rank and evaluates whether you can outperform your competitors with better content. This is a great way to target proven keywords without validating them yourself. Unfortunately, this is not possible with KWFinder.

KWFinder focuses solely on traditional keyword research and does not include the option to reverse engineer search rankings by inserting competitor URLs. Although it can be combined with other software such as SEM Rush and Ahrefs, these tools are expensive and not an ideal solution for budget-friendly beginners.

 Is KWFinder right for you?

It provides a clean, user-friendly interface ideal for beginners to find new keyword opportunities and quickly assess their feasibility.

An evolution of Long Tail Pro, the user-friendly interface provides a wide range of data in an easy-to-read format. It is easy to generate ideas for keywords using additional search features (autocomplete and questions). I was impressed with the ability to narrow the search to the city level. While KWFinder is aimed at beginners, Mangools has also developed other SEO tools that allow you to dig deeper into your data, analyze backlinks, track rankings, and manually score SERPs.

Overall, KWFinder is a great option, especially in the low price range, and should meet most people’s needs. However, if you work with many clients and need a lot of searches, you need an agency plan for $ 129 per month. In that case, you can consider purchasing a more versatile tool such as Ahrefs instead.


  • Straightforward ✅
  • Well-designed keyword analysis ✅
  • Keyword list feature ✅
  • Semantic analysis ❌
  • Value added to the aggregated data ❌
  • Data density in smaller markets ❌
By Jimmy Schlesinger
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