Onboarding Software Solution Can Sync Support and Sales Team

The support and sales team in an organization has to work in har2mony to increase customer satisfaction and profit. The Latest SaaS technology is the solution that can help both teams to work side-by-side efficiently and gain matchless results.

Onboarding in SaaS

It means nurturing new users or helping them gain familiarity with your new tech solution. The onboarding customer’s process is followed instantly when prospects pay their first subscription charges. Based on solution intricacies, onboarding is conducted via video tutorials, written instructions, and/or walkthroughs. If possible a salesperson can assist with the onboarding process.

Customers take a lot of time to make a SaaS purchase solution. The onboarding team has to assure and reassure the prospect that the decision they made is right. Prospects evaluate multiple competitors, watch countless demos as well as spend time adjusting their budget before jumping on the bandwagon. So, it is essential to suppress any remorse the prospect experiences.

On SaaS Heaven, you can check out the reviews about different product demo platforms. In SaaS, product tour software helps to introduce new prospects to the interface and encourages them to onboard. If the onboarding process is done right then there are multiple benefits like –

  • Low churn rate – Customers with positive first interaction are likely to use your product and use it for a long time.
  • Make prospects feel comfortable – Learning new tool usage is hard, especially in a business environment where there is consistent movement. If you help prospects get started then they feel special and comfortable using the product. It helps to increase trust.
  • Gain product advocates – If you leave customers to learn by themselves, then they can hit a wall and you get blamed. If you make them feel valued they will feel confident and happy with your solution as soon as they perceive value in your product. Soon they become loyal customers and brand advocates.
  • Create opportunities to upsell – The onboarding stage can be used to upsell. The lowest tier is useful and practical for new prospects. Never push extra features until the prospects ask or recognize product value. Focus on the training during the onboarding process and not selling upgrades.

SaaS companies can use hotspots, tooltips, or modal windows as a way to communicate during the initial onboarding step. Make users feel at ease with a welcome message. It personalizes the product tour and enhances the engagement level.

Allow the prospects to explore, encourage small-meaningful actions, and gain an insight into customer behavior during the product tour.

Software as a service [SaaS] ensures better collaboration because support and sales teams can easily access cloud data. SaaS is a subscription service and does not need costly hardware. It simplifies daily tasks without concerns about technical knowledge.

Use SaaS software to synch support and the sales team. Business owners can plan a SaaS product tour for their support & sales team. It allows both the team to get familiar with the wow feature and stop feeling overwhelmed with the new technology.

By Elsie Dawson
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