10 Warning Signs to Hire WordPress Website Maintenance Agency

WordPress dominates the World Wide Web. It has more than 100 million active installations, but every WP user is not performing the right act. One of the things that every WP website owner must bear in mind is hiring professionals for site maintenance.

Many DIY fans and small entrepreneurs ignore the red flags and signs to hire professional website management services like Set My Site. You can approach them if you encounter any issues mentioned below but first check out their WordPress maintenance packages

10 Telltale signs to consider hiring WP website management services

  • Traffic volume declines

Traffic decline can be because of several reasons like changes in Google’s algorithm or hosting server issues or issues with content or design quality. Whatever the reason is, investigate and fix it.

  • Site’s loading speed is sluggish

Slow-loading web pages shriek for help. The reasons are several like there are too many large images, multiple plugins, and shared hosting dilemma.

  • Site design is old

If your WordPress website design appears outdated then update it. The outdated site looks unprofessional and pushes away possible subscribers or customers. A sophisticated and updated site design can refresh its appearance and attractiveness. 

  • Strange pop-ups

You are finding more error messages popping up than expected. It indicates a red flag that something is not right and needs fixing. Errors can be because of a corrupted plugin or degraded files or bad code, which is not compatible with the latest WordPress version.

  • Site is hacked

You will find strange changes in the functionalities or appearance or receive unexpected messages from security software or hosting providers. If you experience these then it is essential to handle the site issue and security as soon as possible.

  • WP site is not mobile-friendly

Today, more than 60% of searches are conducted via smartphones. If you have not considered a mobile-friendly website then it is time to consider this area seriously. It is a must to launch a business website with an AMP feature or responsive design to enhance your SEO.

  • Not generating leads as expected

If your WordPress website is designed for lead generation and is not working as expected then there are plenty of reasons to consider. It is something simple like ineffective form submission or CTC process. It can either be complicated like poor server-side performance or an incompatible plugin.

  • Losing customers

If you are losing customers without any clarification then evaluate your website to identify the weakness. It can be simple as an outdated workflow process or outdated design. It can be something serious like compatibility or security glitch. Address the problem quickly to maintain online visibility and keeps your business floating. 

  • Encounter white screen

If your audiences encounter a white screen then it is essential to fix it. Hire a tech-savvy IT expert or WP website management agency to fix the death screen. 

  • Unreliable hosting provider

A poor hosting service provider can damage your website’s performance and functionalities. It is better to choose a reliable hosting platform. Due diligence like thorough research and trial is a MUST. There are free trials offered, which ensures customer satisfaction.

While using WordPress website care is important to fuel your online presence. In case you experience the above signs then it is time to accelerate your website’s health. 


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