GDPR and Google Fonts: Is Google Fonts GDPR compliant?

The Google Homepage server must get the IP addresses of visitors to your website if you are using Google Fonts integrated on it in order to deliver them the Google Font file. The first and strictest electronic privacy policy regulation of Google Fonts lokal einbinden in the world is the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). IP addresses are regarded as Google Fonts local integration personally identifiable information under GDPR (PII). The Google server of Google Fonts download may record and monitor user activity on your website, in violation of GDPR regulations or warning. The German Court judgement or Munich Regional Court ruled in January 2022 for embedding Google Fonts DSGVO compliant that Google Fonts do not comply with the GDPR and DSGVO.

What are Google Fonts?

Owned by Google LLC Homepage or Google Ireland Limited, Google Fonts is an online font service of Google Fonts download that offers an interactive web directory and APIs for utilising the fonts in CSS and Android applications. When a user visits a website, the Google Web Fonts DSGVO API requests and downloads font files of embedding Google Fonts DSGVO compliant and CSS code to give the appropriate fonts and compensation. The typefaces of Google Fonts local integration are added to webpages or Android applications by just referencing a style sheet since they are cached in the browser and updated as necessary. The Google Web Fonts DSGVO font files themselves are cached for a year, according to Google conform, which together has the effect of speeding up the whole web of Google Fonts DSGVO privacy statement: When millions of privacy policy of websites and License point to the same fonts, after visiting the first site, the fonts are cached and appear right away on all other sites that are visited later. For any information you can also check check Website for Google Fonts.

The use of Google Fonts local integration improves the aesthetics of embedding Google Fonts DSGVO compliant and functionality of DSGVO website. Due to the Google Fonts DSGVO privacy statement and free nature of the Google Fonts service of Google Fonts download, licencing issues are also avoided and it is embed locally.

Roboto, Open Sans, Lato, Oswald, Montserrat, Source Sans Pro, and other fonts from the Google Web Fonts DSGVO collection are among the most widely used.

Is it illegal to use Google Fonts?

How to use Google Fonts legally? The Google conform server Homepage or Google Fonts local integration must know where to send the typeface in order to transmit it to you, thus it must gather website users’ IP addresses compensation. When a License website visitor visits it, Google Fonts files DSGVO are automatically requested from Google Web Fonts DSGVO Google’s servers. The Google Fonts API requests and downloads font files as well as CSS code to deliver the necessary check Website for Google Fonts, which are then cached in your browser.

Google’s Privacy License Statement are embed locally in its privacy policy for Google Fonts is ambiguous. “The Google conform Typefaces API is meant to restrict the collection, storage, and usage of end-user data to what is required to effectively provide fonts,” it states. Even if the collecting and storage of personal data from website or Google Fonts lokal einbinden users is restricted, Google servers of Google Fonts download nonetheless record personal data of embedding Google Fonts DSGVO compliant and may monitor users’ activities on the websites or check Website for Google Fonts. 

The Munich Regional Court warning, Germany License, in January 2022 gave judgement that Google Fonts are not DSGVO/GDPR compliant conform. A website owner has been forced to pay the compensation of €100 in user damages as a result of the personal information (IP addresses) of users being transferred to Google servers without the users’ permission thus violating the privacy policy. Embed Google Fonts DSGVO compliant into the website locally, over 50.1 million websites were using the 1358 font families in the Google Fonts collection as of January 2022. You can check Website for Google Fonts.

How to integrate Google Fonts into your website?

Using a Google web font in your project is simple. Two primary approaches exist for this. In the unchanging version, you just save the font on your computer and link to it from your site. When you get them to that page, you may insert them into your site locally. Depending on your needs, you may choose to accomplish this in WOFF, TTF, or WOFF2 format. The user is not connected to the Google servers in any way. That’s why this variation doesn’t raise any red flags under privacy and data protection legislation.

However, the dynamic variation involves inserting a piece of code into the website’s HTML. Because of this, the website must connect to Google’s servers in order to load the necessary fonts. The user’s IP address will be sent to Google without their intervention. The existing state of the law makes this a breach of privacy.

By Clare Louise
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